TITANS Foreign Sale – Germany

victoria scott

I’m thrilled to announce that Random House Germany / CBT has acquired German translation rights for Titans! This means those steel, robotic horses will be in German bookstores. CBT is my German publisher for my Dante Walker series and the Fire & Flood duo as well, and I’m honored that they’re committed to growing me as an author in their country.

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TITANS Receives a Second Starred Review

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I am a woman of secret goals. I rarely voice what I hope to accomplish with any given book, but that doesn’t stop me from holding dreams close to my heart. One of the dreams I had for Titans was to receive two starred reviews. With Salt & Stone, I received the first starred review of my career, and it was a mind-blowing moment. The crushing doubt I had while writing that book, and every book, was gone…if only for a day.

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TITANS Finished Copies

Cover Pic

Seeing finished copies of your book is like finishing high school, or holding a newborn, or getting a new hair style. You’re not sure what you’re doing taking all those tests, or eating all those doughnuts, or sitting until your butt aches until suddenly–

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TITANS Prize Box Giveaway

Texas Author

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know my publisher and I are giving away a total of six Titans prize boxes. The first was open only to V Mafia members. The second was awarded last week on Twitter. This week, as a thank you to readers who subscribe to my blog, you can enter-to-win the third box right here!

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Win an Annotated TITANS Galley

Victoria Scott

When Scholastic came to me with the idea of giving away a completely annotated copy of Titans, I was thrilled. I adore getting behind the ideas of creatives and learning about their process. Of course, it was a different matter when it came to exposing my own. Because the truth is, much of what I write comes at lightning speed. I spend a month plotting and outlining, doing character interviews and collecting character images. So when the writing starts, I don’t do a lot of thinking. I do a lot of releasing, as corny as that sounds.

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