Giveaway + TITANS News

Victoria Scott

There’s so much goodness going on, my black heart may explode with glee. First, Titans is officially up for pre-order on Amazon! And if that isn’t exciting enough, I got to see the Titans cover and it pretty much blew my feeble mind! The team at Scholastic is making final tweaks, but suffice it to say I am beyond thrilled with the concept. And I’ll bluntly say it’s my favorite cover of mine, ever.

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TITANS Galleys Have Arrived

victoria scott

Yesterday, I came home from writing at Starbucks to find a package inside my entryway. When I saw it was from my editor at Scholastic, I tore into it. What I found inside were beautiful, hardcover German editions of Fire & Flood. I marveled over them, checking out the language inside that I couldn’t read a word of. I showed my husband, I showed my daughter, and I took a lot of pics.

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Win Books For Your School / Library

This week, Scholastic authors Cherie Priest, Daniel Jose Older, and I are giving some much-deserved love and respect to classrooms and libraries across the US. Teachers and librarians are such a crucial part of the literary community, and these same people are taxed with securing great new titles for their students and patrons with a limited budget. So, now you can act as a mini-hero for your favorite classroom, middle or high school library, or local library!

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Stop Blaming Your Publisher

Blame Comic

If you’ve been in the traditional publishing arena the last five years, you’ve witnessed major houses merging to share resources (and shave those pesky overhead costs), while other publishers have closed their doors completely. Small presses have flown in faster than buzzards in a zombie apocalypse, and hordes of authors have flocked to Amazon to gamble on self-publishing.

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I’m on Wattpad!


If you’re not familiar with Wattpad, you should be. They have 50 million readers, a large portion of which are under the age of 25. In other words, if you write teen fiction, there’s an enormous audience awaiting you. What’s more, Wattpad is a great place to experiment with stories. You post chapter-by-chapter when you can, and receive immediate feedback that encourages you to keep writing.

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