FIRE & FLOOD named YALSA Teens’ Top 10 Nominee

Victoria Scott

So two nights ago I was lying in bed with my beau. He said to me, “What are some of your goals?” I replied, “Oh, we’re doing this? Okay. Yeah. I want to make Luci into a spy for the FBI or something, but she’ll be inclined to spill on all those delicious “top secret” things. I also want to look like Sofia Vegara, but also eat 10,000 calories a day. Oh, and I want to world dominate. And I guess end hunger or whatever.”

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Giveaway: Preorder of TRACKED

Victoria scott

I read Tracked in it’s early stages, and it was absolutely, positively brilliant. Action-packed and imaginative, it stood out from so many other young adult books I’d been reading. And I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Tracked is pitched as Han Solo meets The Fast and The Furious, and I couldn’t agree more. I adore this book, and Author Jenny Martin, so much that I want to give away a pre-order to you guys.

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TITANS Cover News


Well, I’m just about to explode into a hundred thousand gnarly pieces of excitement. Because my publicist confirmed with me that the cover of Titans will be revealed a full nine months before its release! (Note: I don’t actually know a firm release date, so that’s a guesstimate. But still, my sheer and utter happiness stands). And exactly where will this reveal go down? Wait for it, guys, wait for it…

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Pandoras and Books Giveaway


So, I have something pretty exciting for you guys. Go ahead and get pumped. I’ll wait here. *steeples hands* Are we jazzed? No, still need more time? NO MORE TIME FOR YOU! Know why? Because I have Pandora graphics! And a giveaway! And steepled hands because I AM PATIENT!!!

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V Scott

I’ve finally recovered from North Texas Teen Book Festival, which by the way, was amazing! The author dinner on Friday night was legit, the festival giant (3,500 teens, y’all), and the after party ridiculously fun. I sat on panels with authors I’ve admired for years. Authors like Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Nova Ren Suma, Jessica Brody and many more. At night, I mostly hung out with Julie Kawaga, April Genevieve Tucholke, and Adi Alsaid. Three people who know how to stay up late, if you know what I mean.

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