#BadBoys Twitter Party

Victoria Scott

I can hardly believe the final book in the Dante Walker trilogy, THE WARRIOR, releases in two weeks! I knew I wanted to do something big to celebrate, but didn’t know what. Then a conversation with one of my bestie author friends spurred an idea. Wendy Higgins’s own Sweet Evil trilogy will be wrapping up with SWEET RECKONING next Tuesday, and so we decided, why not throw a joint party and blow the roof off Twitter?!

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FIRE & FLOOD Read-along

Fire and flood

Have you guys seen this awesomeness? Five incredible, enthusiastic book vloggers are putting together a Fire & Flood read-along. The read-along begins Saturday, April 19, and will end with a live chat on May 24th. To join in, simply buy or check-out the book, and visit this page they’ve created on Goodreads.

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Why Reading Reviews Won’t Improve Your Writing

Reviews Hurt Writing

In three weeks, my fourth book, THE WARRIOR, will release. I should know by now to stay far, far away from reviews, and to focus instead on my next book. But alas, I no good at being learned. So I sometimes read my reviews, and what I tell myself is that they teach me how to be a better writer. They have to, right? Because I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked in interviews if reviews improve my craft. I used to believe they did. And then this happened.

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Dante Walker is coming to Germany!

Germany Best Teen Books

I’m finally home from several fun-filled days at TLA in San Antonio, TX. The hotel was gorgeous, the convention center humongous, and the librarians, teachers, and readers ravenous. After enjoying a lunch with author friends in the Mexican market, a seriously yum dinner with the Scholastic team, and back-to-back signings of FIRE & FLOOD, I came home to this wonderful nugget of news!

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Giveaway: Signed Copy of THE WARRIOR

Dante Walker Trilogy

I’m so excited to announce that THE COLLECTOR ebook has been temporarily reduced to $2.99. If you haven’t read my first trilogy featuring Dante Walker, now is a great time to start. Not only is the third and final book releasing in a few weeks, but you can save some of that hard-earned cash on book one. Pow!

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