SALT & STONE Countdown Widget

Just popping in to share this fantastic countdown widget for Salt & Stone created by Mel, Erin, & Regina Read-A-Lot. If you want to help me count down the days to the release of Fire & Flood‘s sequel, simply grab the code below. And thank you, thank you, thank you for being excited with me!

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My First Starred Review


Recently, my husband asked me a question. “You’ve written eight books, babe. What’s your next career goal?” My knee-jerk response was to sell another book. To always and forever sell another book. As authors, we never know when our last story…will be our last. With so many manuscripts to choose from, and profit margins dwindling in the publishing industry, it’s more competitive than ever. And it doesn’t simply take talent to get picked up anymore. It takes luck.

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SALT & STONE UK Cover + Giveaway

victoria scott

I’m thrilled to be showing you the UK cover for Salt & Stone. Isn’t she gorgeous? Like she’s all dressed up for a night on the town. I imagine she’ll have the cover of Fire & Flood on her arm, and dazzle everyone with her witty retorts and feathered gown.

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SALT & STONE Cover Reveal

I’m so excited to be showing you guys the final cover for Salt & Stone, and the paperback cover for Fire & Flood. It can be scary any time an author hears the words “new covers.” But I trusted Scholastic when they said they were going for a fresh, bolder look, and I told myself that the original covers were brilliant, so it could only get better from there, right?

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Win This Signed, Annotated Copy of FIRE & FLOOD!

Victoria Scott

Annotated copies of books are amazeballs! I’ve always thought so. I mean, it allows you to get a sneak peek inside the author’s mind as they wrote certain scenes, and realize just how much work and thought went into a particular book. Plus, it’s one of a kind. When an author annotates, it’s usually an original. Even though I love the concept of annotated books, I’ve never done one of my own. It seemed like it would take way too much time, and that’s something few of us have. But alas! I’ve changed my mind and decided, in honor of Salt & Stone releasing in four little months, I’ll give away this signed, completely annotated copy of Fire & Flood. Woot!

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