TITANS Gets a Starred Review


So much goodness has happened in the last week, I can hardly handle it. First, I turned in a book I’ve worked harder on than any other. My editor now has it in her possession, and I’m nervously awaiting her reaction. You may have seen me talking about the book on social media as #SecretBook. That’s because the book is sold, but the contract hasn’t been signed and squared away quite yet (Hey, did you know that publishing can be slow? *wink*).

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Order Signed Books for Xmas

Autographed Victoria Scott Books

During the year, I get quite a few requests for signed books, and since Dallas doesn’t have an independent book store (for shame!), it’s hard to fulfill those requests. So two years ago, I committed to offering readers a way to order signed copies of my books with ease once a year. And when better to do this than during the holidays–when you can treat yourself, or pick them up as gifts for friends and family.

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TITANS Sneak Peek


Last Friday, the very first sneak peek of Titans was delivered to email boxes across the globe. My street team, the V Mafia, got the exclusive on that first chapter over the weekend, but now I’m able to share that same excerpt with YOU!

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New Book Deal!

Luci 5

I’m so stupid excited to finally announce that Entangled Teen has acquired the rights to my next YA novel, Violet Grenade. I’ll be working with Editor Heather Howland to bring you this psychological thriller in summer 2017, and already I can’t wait. In the meantime, I’ll share with you how the concept behind this book came to be.

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Titans Teasers + Giveaway

Last week, I participated in the YA Scavenger Hunt. If you guys aren’t familiar with this, it’s a way for readers to discover new books and win tons of prizes by hopping from one author’s blog to another. There’s always loads of exclusive content, and this season, we created something really fun for Titans.

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